human-robot collaboration & companionship lab

The Human-Robot Collaboration & Companionship (HRC2) Lab at Cornell is headed by Guy Hoffman and studies the the computational, engineering, and social aspects of interactions between humans and robots. Research interests include: joint activities between humans and robots; human-robot teamwork and collaboration, in particular with respect to interaction fluency; personal robotic companions; non-anthropomorphic robot design; computational models for embodied cognition in robots, in particular with respect to practice and improvisaion; anticipation and timing in HRI and multi-agent MDPs; entertainment, theater, and musical performance robots; robot improvisation; nonverbal communication in HRI; and embodiment in HCI.

Monetary-Incentive Competition between Humans and Robots: Experimental Results
Kshirsagar, Dreyfuss, Ishai, Heffetz & Hoffman. HRI 2019 (accepted)
Published 20 Nov 2018
Soft Skin Texture Modulation for Social Robotics
Hu, Zhao, Vimal & Hoffman. RoboSoft 2018
Published 29 Apr 2018
Side-by-side Human-Computer Design using a Tangible User Interface
Law, Dhawan, Bang, Selva, Yoon & Hoffman. DCC 2018
Published 01 Apr 2018
Published 01 Mar 2018