Mailing Address

Office: Upson 563
Lab: Upson 562
124 Hoy Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14853

Design and Implementation

This page is heavily adapted, well… let’s call it by its name, almost verbatim copied from D. Allan Drummond’s Jekyll code and setup. His site was in turn based on the by now classic Trevor Bedford group site.

I originally wanted to start with the Bedford site because of all the cool plugins and git project scraping, but after making a barebone copy, realized I could not host it on github pages because they don’t support custom plugins. Then I found Drummond’s github-pages compatible version. Some things that took me a while to figure out: The template structure is slightly more complex since it is based on Jekyll Bootstrap, which has several copies of assets and layouts based on “themes”, with a couple more layers of redirection from the markdown post to final html. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. However, JB is pretty much discontinued, so an intrepid copier of this code may want to base their version off a non-historical framework. I just loved the layout too much to want to make too many changes. At some point I’ll probably add scripts to convert bibtex to this site’s format, and will share them here as well.

As the predecessors of this website, the source code is freely available on GitHub. All code is placed under the MIT license. You’re welcome to borrow / repurpose code to build your own site, and if you do, I’d appreciate attribution and a link back here.

Yes, even this last atribution notice was copied from Drummond.