In this work, we develop models for team trust when teammates may have competing goals and propose social interventions that can engender and repair trust in teams.

ShadowSense is a low-tech, low-cost touch sensing method to recognize touch gestures and touch positions on social robots in the hope of improving the robot’s awareness and promoting intelligent interaction behaviors.

We present an agent algorithm that attempts to balance improving a human’s decision with maintaining a good interpersonal relationship by incorporating facework.

In this project, we investigate the collaborative task of object handovers between a human and a robot from a number of perspectives: formal controller synthesis, user studies, and reinforcement learning.

This project is a collaboration between roboticists and behavioral economists, and studies how people make economic decisions in the presence of robots when there are monetary rewards at stake.

The Texture Robot Project seeks to create a new expressive nonverbal channel for social robots in the form of texture-changing skin.

Blossom is a robot that is soft inside and out. It is built using traditional crafts like wool and wood. We wanted to bring back warm materials to home robotics, instead of more plastics, glass, and metal. You can customize Blossom by knitting new exteriors and attaching different crafted parts to make each robot unique.

The Collaborative Design project explores co-present and collaborative design space exploration between humans and robots.

The Wearable Robotic Third Arm project seeks to build a lightweight supernumerary robotic arm for assisting a user in collaborative activities.

The Robot-Creativity Project seeks to create robots capable of interacting with people with the ultimate goal of boosting their creativity.