Human-Robot Object Handovers

This project is aimed at exploring formal specifications, synthesis and model repair techniques for human-robot object handovers.

Object handovers are a central aspect of human-robot collaboration in both industrial and domestic environments. Examples include collaborative assembly, surgical assistance, housekeeping and rehabilitation assistance. These tasks require a robot to take objects from a human or give objects to them.

We propose the automatic synthesis of robot controllers for human-robot object handovers from formal specifications. In contrast to existing controllers, this approach can provide formal guarantees on the timing of each of the handover phases. Using synthesis also allows end-users to specify and dynamically change the robot’s behaviors using high-level requirements of goals and constraints rather than by tuning low-level controller parameters. We are currently implementing this approach on a collaborative robot arm and we will evaluate it’s usability through human-participant experiments.

Collaborators: Alap Kshirsagar, Hadas Kress-Gazit, and Guy Hoffman (Cornell).