Law, M., Jeong, J., Kwatra, A., Jung, M., & Hoffman, G. (2019).
Negotiating the Creative Space in Human-Robot Collaborative Design

In Proc. of the ACM International Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS)

Honorable Mention
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We describe a physical interactive system for human-robot collaborative design (HRCD) consisting of a tangible user interface (TUI) and a robotic arm that simultaneously manipulates the TUI with the human designer. In an observational study of 12 participants exploring a complex design problem together with the robot, we find that human designers have to negotiate both the physical and the creative space with the machine. They also often ascribe social meaning to the robot’s pragmatic behaviors. Based on these findings, we propose four considerations for future HRCD systems: managing the shared workspace, communicating preferences about design goals, respecting different design styles, and taking into account the social meaning of design acts.