Hoffman, G., & Weinberg, G. (2010).
Gesture-based human-robot Jazz improvisation

In Proc. of the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) : 582-587

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We present Shimon, an interactive improvisational robotic marimba player, developed for research in Robotic Musicianship. The robot listens to a human musician and continuously adapts its improvisation and choreography, while playing simultaneously with the human. We discuss the robot’s mechanism and motion-control, which uses physics simulation and animation principles to achieve both expressivity and safety. We then present a novel interactive improvisation system based on the notion of gestures for both musical and visual expression. The system also uses anticipatory beat-matched action to enable real-time synchronization with the human player. Our system was implemented on a full-length human-robot Jazz duet, displaying highly coordinated melodic and rhythmic human-robot joint improvisation. We have performed with the system in front of a live public audience.