Roizman, M., Hoffman, G., Ayal, S., Hochman, G., Tagar, M. R., & Maaravi, Y. (2016).
Studying the opposing effects of robot presence on human corruption

In Proc. of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) LBRs : 501-502
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Social presence has two opposing effects on human corruption: the collaborative and contagious nature of another person’s presence can cause people to behave in a more corrupt manner. In contrast, the monitoring nature of another person’s presence can decrease corruption. We hypothesize that a robot’s presence can provide the best of both worlds: Decreasing corruption by providing a monitoring presence, without increasing it by collusion. We describe an experimental study currently underway that examines this hypothesis, and report on initial findings from pilot runs of our experimental protocol.